I am Itishree, I am working as an HR in an MNC. Ask Me Anything.

Jul 17, 2017

I am working as an HR in an MNC. Ask Me Anything.

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What are your duties in HR?

Jul 17, 1:56AM EDT0

Maintains and enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.

Jul 17, 5:05AM EDT0

are you responsible for creating corporate culture?

Jul 17, 1:39PM EDT0

What training or education is needed to enter this field?

Jul 17, 12:21AM EDT0

To become an HR manager, you would need at least a bachelor's degree; some employers require a master's degree

Degrees are usually in human resources management, business administration or a related field.

You can also go for an HR training or Internship to gain practical knowledge.

Degree Field‎: ‎Human resources management

Degree Level‎: ‎Bachelor's degree or master's degree

Jul 17, 5:12AM EDT0

What degree do you have?

Jul 17, 1:20PM EDT0

What industry does your company work in?

Jul 17, 12:10AM EDT0

Its is a IT industry.

Jul 17, 5:33AM EDT0

Did you start in the HR department, or transfer from another department?

Jul 16, 11:58PM EDT0

Initially I was recruited as HR Executive. But now I am an Assistant HR Manager.

Jul 17, 5:14AM EDT0

Big differences between these appointments. Why do you work as assistant?

Jul 17, 1:45PM EDT0

How many people are in your HR department, and how would someone stand out in a positive manner in that environment?

Jul 16, 11:42PM EDT0

How many hours per week do you average at work?

Jul 16, 11:41PM EDT0

Regular work hour per week is 50 hours. But if some extra work or some assignment or event is there then more than that also.

Jul 17, 5:16AM EDT0

Is it paid in addition?

Jul 17, 1:55PM EDT0

How long have you been in HR?

Jul 16, 11:32PM EDT0

Since 2 years.

Jul 17, 5:16AM EDT0

Who within the company do you report to?

Jul 16, 11:22PM EDT0

To my HR Manager and my MD.

Jul 17, 5:17AM EDT0

what is the potential for growth in your job?

Jul 16, 11:10PM EDT0

Do you need to be bilingual?

Jul 16, 10:53PM EDT0

How much can someone expect to make per year as an entry level employee in your field?

Jul 16, 10:31PM EDT0

As a fresher can get upto 3.5 lac per annum to 4 lac per annum

Jul 17, 5:19AM EDT0

Are there funny cases in your work?

Jul 16, 7:13PM EDT0

Yes, ofcourse sometimes it happens.

Jul 17, 5:19AM EDT0

Ohh, quite interesting. Share some

Jul 17, 2:27PM EDT0

When were you interviewed the last time?

Jul 16, 7:13PM EDT0

2 months back

Jul 17, 5:20AM EDT0

For the new company?

Jul 17, 2:38PM EDT0

What interview did you remember most?

Jul 16, 7:12PM EDT0

My very 1st interview. My 1st experience to face an interview.

Jul 17, 5:21AM EDT0

Was is successful? Were you afraid?

Jul 17, 1:49PM EDT0

What tips can you give to applicants?

Jul 16, 7:11PM EDT0

Always be confident to what you say.

Jul 17, 5:22AM EDT0

Is the appearance important?

Jul 17, 1:41PM EDT0

How do people usually behave in interviews?

Jul 16, 7:11PM EDT0

Maximum people behave diplomatically. only few are straight forward.

Jul 17, 5:23AM EDT0

Do you think sometimes it's better to be straight forward?

Jul 17, 1:23PM EDT0

What questions do you ask most often?

Jul 16, 7:11PM EDT0

Why should I hire you ??

Jul 17, 5:24AM EDT0

Haha, predictable. What was the most curious answer?

Jul 17, 1:54PM EDT0

I'm looking for a job. Tell me what data must contain my resume?

Jul 16, 7:10PM EDT0

Your details including your higher education, your experiances(if any), your hobbies, your academic projects, your professional projects (if any) etc.

Jul 17, 5:28AM EDT0

While looking through resume what thing do you point firstly?

Jul 17, 1:36PM EDT0

Do you have a strategy for conducting an interview?

Jul 16, 7:10PM EDT0

Yes Ofcourse. Mainly we have written test, then Group discussion after that Technical Interview and finally HR round. 

Jul 17, 5:31AM EDT0

Do you like your job?

Jul 16, 7:09PM EDT0


Jul 17, 5:31AM EDT0

How many job seekers do you interview each day?

Jul 16, 7:08PM EDT0

15 - 20

Jul 17, 5:32AM EDT0

How many of them can you hire baring in mind their abilities and experience?

Jul 17, 1:18PM EDT0

How many employees does your company have?

Jul 16, 7:08PM EDT0

More than 1000.

Jul 17, 5:32AM EDT0

What does your company do?

Jul 16, 7:08PM EDT0